LP — Das Land — Provincia 21 dicembre 2018


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LP is the free magazine published by the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol in collaboration with a research team of the Free University of Bolzano led by Matto Moretti and Gianluca Camillini. The magazine has been realized thanks to the collaboration of Claudia Polizzi and the press agency of the Province.

Claim your free copy and for further info here.


Progetto Grafico goes to Milan! 17 novembre 2018




Finally the weekend is coming! Within Bookcity Milano and WEAIAP, we’re going to present the new Progetto Grafico!

Don’t miss the chance to discover its new features and get one of very last copy: Saturday 17.11.18 H17,30 at the Archivio Sacchi and on next Sunday 18.11.18 H18  at Spazio BK.
Come one, come all!


The new Progetto grafico is hot off the press! 25 settembre 2018




After more than a year of hard work, the new Progetto grafico is hot off the press, the international graphic magazine published by Aiap, which I have the honour to curate together with Jonathan Pierini. 


This has only been made possible thanks to all the people, partners and sponsors involved in this amazing adventure: Giulia Cordin, Caterina Di Paolo, Michele Galluzzo, Silvio Lorusso, Emilio Macchia, Erica Preli, Giorgio Ruggeri (editorial board); Isobel Butters, Cecilia Raneri (translators); Roberto Arista, Shannon Mattern, Michele Mordente, Muttnik, Monica Nannini, Gabriella Pascazio, Vincenzo Sparagna (Authors and contributors); design: EEE studio (Emilio Macchia e Erica Preli), typeface: Dinamo; technical partners and sponsors: Fedrigoni, Rubbettino Print, AGI — Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Available in bookshops and online here, for further info: aiap@aiap.it


Tracing Milan! 6-7 October 2018 29 agosto 2018




A type Safari through Milano with Dinamo. We’re looking for interesting letterings in the city, which we take back to the studio to digitise. The final output will be a digital or analogue object, that combines the created shapes in a meaningful way.

Info and subscription here.


Welcome Leonardo! 1 giugno 2018




According to an old Chinese proverb, if you want to leave a mark in this life you should do 3 things: plant a book, raise a tree and write a child… Or perhaps it doesn’t go quite like that but this is a different story, ours!


Apologies if we’ve been away for a while but we were working on a very important project: Margherita and Gianluca announce the birth of Leonardo!


Xmas Letter 21 dicembre 2017




Metallic gold paper and two letterpress runs (red and gold)…
At Christmas, every letter wants to be a Christmas letter.
Best wishes and Happy New Year
Mister Gatto wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lorem Ipsum Dolor at Immagini? Bressanone 27 novembre 2017




Today Gianluca is going to present “Lorem Ipsum Dolor”, a paper co-written with Jonathan Pierini that analyses the relationship between text and image in analogue and digital graphics processes.
You can find a small preview here. Looking forward to seeing you at Immagini? in Brixen.


Happy Birthday Masetto! 21 giugno 2017


it's a piece of cake gianluca camillini


For the first birthday of Il Masetto, Mister Gatto will design and decorate crazy birthday cakes together with young pastry chefs.
“It’s a piece of cake” is a workshop for children which deals with the relationship between cooking and design. For further info and to inscribe click here.



Eye <3 U @Fuorisalone 2017 5 aprile 2017




We do not know if Mister Gatto consists of one or two entities, we only know that together we are!

Alla faccia – April 4—30th
Opening 5th April h 18 Via Savona 17/5, Milan.



Alla faccia @121+ 28 marzo 2017




Faces tell much more than what they show… Within the Milan Design Week – Fuorisalone 2017, Mister Gatto will take part in ‘Alla faccia’, an exhibition with 10 artists — Andrea Antinori, Steven Guarnaccia, Sarah Mazzetti, Luca Boscardin, Fanette Mellier, Joanna Neborsky, Somin Ahn, Mauro Bubbico, Alessio D’Ellena — and 20 posters, a collection of faces and their variations.
Opening Thursday 6th April, h 18 at 121 – Via Savona 17/5, Milan, Italy. Click here for futher info.

Ogni faccia racconta molto di più di ciò che mostra, è identità e presentazione. I volti, fatti da variabili sempre uguali eppure sempre diverse, hanno incuriosito gli artisti di tutti i tempi.
In occasione del Fuori Salone 2017 parteciperemo a ‘Alla faccia’, una mostra con 10 autori – Andrea Antinori, Steven Guarnaccia, Sarah Mazzetti, Luca Boscardin, Fanette Mellier, Joanna Neborsky, Somin Ahn, Mauro Bubbico, Alessio D’Ellena – e 20 poster, una collezione di volti e varianti.