The new Progetto grafico is hot off the press! 25 settembre 2018




After more than a year of hard work, the new Progetto grafico is hot off the press, the international graphic magazine published by Aiap, which I have the honour to curate together with Jonathan Pierini. 


This has only been made possible thanks to all the people, partners and sponsors involved in this amazing adventure: Giulia Cordin, Caterina Di Paolo, Michele Galluzzo, Silvio Lorusso, Emilio Macchia, Erica Preli, Giorgio Ruggeri (editorial board); Isobel Butters, Cecilia Raneri (translators); Roberto Arista, Shannon Mattern, Michele Mordente, Muttnik, Monica Nannini, Gabriella Pascazio, Vincenzo Sparagna (Authors and contributors); graphic design: EEE studio; typeface: Dinamo; technical partners and sponsors: Fedrigoni, Rubbettino Print, AGI — Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Available in bookshops and online here, for further info:


Tracing Milan! 6-7 October 2018 29 agosto 2018




A type Safari through Milano with Dinamo. We’re looking for interesting letterings in the city, which we take back to the studio to digitise. The final output will be a digital or analogue object, that combines the created shapes in a meaningful way.

Info and subscription here.


Welcome Leonardo! 1 giugno 2018




According to an old Chinese proverb, if you want to leave a mark in this life you should do 3 things: plant a book, raise a tree and write a child… Or perhaps it doesn’t go quite like that but this is a different story, ours!


Apologies if we’ve been away for a while but we were working on a very important project: Margherita and Gianluca announce the birth of Leonardo!


Xmas Letter 21 dicembre 2017




Metallic gold paper and two letterpress runs (red and gold)…
At Christmas, every letter wants to be a Christmas letter.
Best wishes and Happy New Year
Mister Gatto wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lorem Ipsum Dolor at Immagini? Bressanone 27 novembre 2017




Today Gianluca is going to present “Lorem Ipsum Dolor”, a paper co-written with Jonathan Pierini that analyses the relationship between text and image in analogue and digital graphics processes.
You can find a small preview here. Looking forward to seeing you at Immagini? in Brixen.


Happy Birthday Masetto! 21 giugno 2017


it's a piece of cake gianluca camillini


For the first birthday of Il Masetto, Mister Gatto will design and decorate crazy birthday cakes together with young pastry chefs.
“It’s a piece of cake” is a workshop for children which deals with the relationship between cooking and design. For further info and to inscribe click here.



Eye <3 U @Fuorisalone 2017 5 aprile 2017




We do not know if Mister Gatto consists of one or two entities, we only know that together we are!

Alla faccia – April 4—30th
Opening 5th April h 18 Via Savona 17/5, Milan.



Alla faccia @121+ 28 marzo 2017




Faces tell much more than what they show… Within the Milan Design Week – Fuorisalone 2017, Mister Gatto will take part in ‘Alla faccia’, an exhibition with 10 artists — Andrea Antinori, Steven Guarnaccia, Sarah Mazzetti, Luca Boscardin, Fanette Mellier, Joanna Neborsky, Somin Ahn, Mauro Bubbico, Alessio D’Ellena — and 20 posters, a collection of faces and their variations.
Opening Thursday 6th April, h 18 at 121 – Via Savona 17/5, Milan, Italy. Click here for futher info.

Ogni faccia racconta molto di più di ciò che mostra, è identità e presentazione. I volti, fatti da variabili sempre uguali eppure sempre diverse, hanno incuriosito gli artisti di tutti i tempi.
In occasione del Fuori Salone 2017 parteciperemo a ‘Alla faccia’, una mostra con 10 autori – Andrea Antinori, Steven Guarnaccia, Sarah Mazzetti, Luca Boscardin, Fanette Mellier, Joanna Neborsky, Somin Ahn, Mauro Bubbico, Alessio D’Ellena – e 20 poster, una collezione di volti e varianti.


Workshop Aiap 2017 28 febbraio 2017




Also this year we have the pleasure to present AIAP educational program, a series of lectures and workshops held by international designers.

Anche quest’anno abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi il calendario formativo AIAP, una serie di laboratori a cura di designer internazionali volti all’approfondimento nel campo della progettazione.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 22 dicembre 2016




Mister Gatto vi augura buone feste / Mister Gatto wishes you happy holidays.
Margherita and Gianluca