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A new event curatorship and its related visual identity designed with Matteo Campostrini: Diplorama! “Beyond Surfaces”, the graduation show of the students of the Faculty of Design and Art – Unibz.
The Diplorama is the end of an era, but it is also a moment of joy, celebration, energy, happiness, positivity, youth, and loudness. It brings people together: professors, students, administratives, classmates, friends, and relatives. That’s why the logo has an exclamation mark… It’s a party!
Starting from this premise and reflecting on the pandemic ages we’ve been facing, we realized that spaces are not missing. We are missing in spaces, and we miss them!
The pandemic, for good reasons, pulled us away. It made us distant from each other, but also distant from our shared spaces: ateliers, workshops, and corridors. It also made teaching and learning flat
in all fields of education: whether it is a school or a university, the debate about the quality of distance learning is very relevant.
Therefore, we decided to represent the topic with a graphical interpretation of a corner of a solid, which can also be seen as a perspective view of two walls and an empty corridor, or a view of a
ceiling. Project designed, conceived and realised with Matteo Campostrini and the Faculty of Design and Art – unibz (amongst other: Roberto Gigliotti, Marta Bottazzo, Nitzan Cohen, Marina Piva, Licia Bellelli, Samuel Simoni, Ines Rosselli, Roman Schwienbacher, Vicky Rabensteiner).